Exercise & Wellness

Staying active and maintaining overall wellness are crucial aspects of a fulfilling retirement. In this section, you can discover tips, exercises and lifestyle choices that promote physical and mental well-being during your retirement journey. Learn how to lead a healthy and active lifestyle to make the most of your retirement years.

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Proper nutrition is vital for maintaining your health and well-being. Make balanced dietary choices to support a healthy and active lifestyle.


Supplements can be a useful addition to your diet to ensure you're getting essential nutrients as you age. Discover benefits and guidelines for safe usage.


Explore a wide range of health-related topics to help you maintain and improve your well-being during your retirement years.

Staying Active / Fitness

Staying active and maintaining your fitness levels is essential as you age. Discover the benefits of regular physical activity.

Mental Health

Mental health is just as important as physical health. Learn about stress management, mindfulness and other techniques to promote a positive mindset.


Beauty and self-care continue to be relevant aspects of life as you age. Find beauty tips, skincare routines and advice on looking good

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Exercise could be the key to better sleep

Getting enough sleep is important for good health, but making sure that one gets quality sleep is another matter. [Source: Shuttershock] Key...

Australians over 65 years: greater risk of drowning

While many Australians are trying to find ways to stay cool in the heat, ensuring one’s safety around the water is essential.

Hobbies and hazards in retirement — what to know

Is it safe to pick up a physical hobby in retirement or are you ‘too old’ now that you finally have the...

Protecting your hearing and managing hearing loss

Key points: That’s why it’s important to practise safe ear health throughout your life, like wearing earplugs when going to loud concerts...

Adding teeth to your overall health check

Older people need to add teeth and oral health to their overall health check. [Source: iStock]

Mental benefits of puzzles and brain games for older people

Brain games and puzzles provide an older person the opportunity to use their critical thinking and problem-solving skills

First date etiquette for widows and widowers

Grief is painful, but moving on doesn’t have to be for widows and widowers moving at their own pace.

Tips for successfully dating later in life

Dating can be stressful, nerve-wracking, awkward, and also very exhausting! But dating can also be exciting, rewarding and a great way to...

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