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This category is dedicated to funding your retirement, which involves: budgeting, income sources and strategies for saving and investing as a retiree. You can find practical advice on managing your finances to achieve the retirement you've always dreamed of.'

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Huge supermarket profits leave retirees struggling in the cost of living crisis

The positive impact of working during retirement could be greater than you think. [Source: Shutterstock] Key points With the recent news of...

How many hours can I work after retirement in Australia?

Looking to get back into the swing of making some ka-ching? Here’s what you need to know.

Advocates back retirees in fight against supermarket prices

Council on the Ageing has released its submission to the Senate Select Committee on Supermarket Prices

How to retire richer in Australia

The information on this website is for general information only and does not constitute financial advice.

Budgeting tips for travelling interstate or overseas

If you are wanting to jump in your caravan and travel around the country and see what Australia has to offer or...

From permanent to part-time: the switch can kill

New research highlights the need to financially plan for your future before retirement. Returning to part-time work could shorten your life!

How does paid work impact on the Pension?

If you have retired but find that you haven’t settled and would like to work again, you may find re-entering the workforce...

Are you ready to retire?

Retirement is the long-awaited dream for many in Australia, however, while people often can’t wait for their retirement life to begin, they...

A seniors guide to budgeting — what you need to know

Right now, many older Australians on a pension are having a tough time making ends meet, as the cost of living crisis...

Five signs you are not ready to retire

This edition of Your Retirement Living will address the many reasons why you shouldn’t hang up your hat and close the office...

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