Preparing for Retirement

Prepare for a successful retirement with essential insights, strategies, and practical tips. Explore financial planning, investments, estate planning, and more to ensure you're ready for this exciting phase of life.

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Financial Services

Financial planning is a crucial part of a secure retirement. Learn about financial advisors, retirement planning and tools to manage your finances.

Estate Planning

Estate planning involves making arrangements for your assets and legacy to ensure they are distributed according to your wishes.

Investment Options

Effective investment strategies can help your retirement funds grow. Learn about investment options such as stocks, bonds and real estate.

Funding Your Retirement

This category is dedicated to funding your retirement, which involves budgeting, income sources and strategies for saving and investing as a retiree.


Superannuation, also known as retirement savings or pension plans, is a critical aspect of retirement planning.

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Preparing for Retirement Articles

Burnout and the tipping point for retirement

Did you have a ‘retirement tipping point’ and how do you prevent your staff from getting there?

Did COVID-19 change your mind about retirement? You’re not alone

Australia was the most burnt out workforce in the world in 2021 and in 2022, 23 percent were ready to quit their...

Does your job determine how you will feel in retirement?

Do you think that retirement policy should account for a person’s line of work?

Why do 30 percent of Australians predict a four-day workweek?

As more Australian workers express a need for work-life balance, the number of people having a four-day workweek is increasing each year.

Retirement gift ideas for your male co-worker

What would you like to receive as a retirement gift?

How can retired men stay stylish?

Putting the effort into your personal presentation is worth it on special days, when you’re meeting people on a daily basis or...

Five unique cocktails to celebrate retirement

When life gives you lemons, turn some into a garnish, because there’s nothing sour about celebrating your new retirement journey.

Tips for successfully dating later in life

Dating can be stressful, nerve-wracking, awkward, and also very exhausting! But dating can also be exciting, rewarding and a great way to...

Reducing your risk factors to avoid developing dementia

Although dementia cannot be prevented or cured, caring for your brain, heart and overall wellbeing can reduce the onset and impact of...

How can senior women stay stylish?

Style never ages, but the years help you to find yourself, define yourself, refine yourself and express it well, so why throw...

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