Health is a cornerstone of a fulfilling retirement. This category covers a wide range of health-related topics to help you maintain and improve your well-being during your retirement years. Explore articles on physical fitness, mental health, nutrition, preventive care, and tips for staying healthy and active in your retirement lifestyle. Prioritise your health and make the most of your retirement journey.

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Retirement helps people quit smoking

Looking for your time to quit? It may be time to quit something else as well.

How does drinking impact your marriage in retirement?

According to a new theory, the couple that drinks together — stays together.

Four in 10 retirement-age Australians skip the dentist due to cost

When was the last time that you went for a dental check-up? Could the cost be keeping you away?

Could your sleep type affect your daily living?

Researchers of a new study have identified four sleep types. Which one is yours and how could it affect your health?

What your life looks like without the office computer

Can a tech detox radically change your life?

Exercise could be the key to better sleep

Getting enough sleep is important for good health, but making sure that one gets quality sleep is another matter. [Source: Shuttershock] Key...

Am I getting the right amount of sleep?

Researchers highlight the importance of getting the right amount of sleep to reduce the risk of health concerns.

Important health check-ups to get if you are 65+

Health problems can crop up in your later years and you may find you have a lot of appointments you need to...

Protecting your hearing and managing hearing loss

Key points: That’s why it’s important to practise safe ear health throughout your life, like wearing earplugs when going to loud concerts...

Keeping protected from winter sicknesses

It’s not uncommon to pick up a sniffly nose or scratchy throat during the colder months of the year.

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